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What is the Noho Open Box Program?Updated 6 months ago

Have you ever wondered what happens to a product after it’s been returned?

At Noho we believe that just as nothing goes to waste in nature, our chairs should not return to waste. After all, we spent years designing Noho Move to divert waste plastic from our oceans and to deliver a lifetime of value to you, our customers.

Sitting is a highly personal experience, While most love their Noho Move, some are returned. 
We are committed to not wasting these, so we designed a program to freshen up these returned items so they can be of benefit to the world. 

Every Noho Open Box product completes a thorough refurbishment process that includes full testing that meets the same functional standards as new Noho products. Your Open Box product is “like new”, but comes with special savings.

They may have a few imperfections but nothing that we wouldn't be prepared to put in our own homes, and they are backed by the same warranty as our new Noho products. 

In the case of the Noho Move™ Chair, this is a new 5-year warranty.

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