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Lightly™ Chair

What is the Lightly chair made from?

Lightly is made predominantly from two types of environmentally conscious polymers. By weight, these polymers are:

How much does the Lightly chair weigh?

Lightly chairs weigh just 6 lbs (2.75 kg), allowing the chair to be easily moved between spaces or locations to suit our lives. The upholstered version of Lightly weighs 7.23 lbs (3.29 kg).

Are Lightly chairs comfortable?

Lightly chairs by noho are designed for the comfort of the sitter—the contoured frame and body-fitting seat gently flexes as you change posture to give comfort and support. Lightly’s seat is designed with a generous pocket to spread pressure, and the

What are the dimensions of the Lightly chair?

Height—29.5” (750 mm). Width—19.5” (500 mm). Depth—18.25” (465 mm). Seat Depth—16.5” (420 mm). Seat height—17.25” (440 mm)

Can I use Lightly chairs outside?

Lightly chairs have been designed primarily for indoor use, and not recommended for prolonged outdoor exposure. We do not advise you leave or store Lightly chairs outside. The recycled and plant-based polymers used to make Lightly chairs are not desi

Are Lightly chairs appropriate for tall people?

The Lightly chair is 17.25” (440 mm) from the floor to the chair seat, which is a standard height for chairs.

Do Lightly chairs have a weight restriction?

Lightly chairs have passed the BIFMA commercial seating standards testing. The 95th percentile male weight of 125 kg (275 pounds), as indicated by the USA National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES) 2007-2010 Study, is used in developing these test

Is the Lightly chair safety certified?

Lightly chairs are tested to BIFMA, the international commercial furniture standard, to ensure a long life and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

How high can I stack my Lightly chairs?

It is not recommended to stack Lightly chairs more than ten high.

What are the dimensions of the package Lightly chairs are shipped in?

Lightly chairs are shipped in two box sizes:. One-two chair box dimensions:. 22.05” x 20.95” x 33.90” (B x W x H). Three-four chair box dimensions:. 24.21” x 20.95” x 37.83” (B x W x H)

Where are Lightly chairs made?

noho products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Factory workers benefit from strong health and safety standards, and the design team can maintain a high-quality control level. noho production uses 82% renewable energy.