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Noho Move™ Chair

Is the Noho Move chair appropriate for tall people?

The Noho Move chair is 18.9 inches from the floor to the seat of the chair, which is a standard height for chairs.

Are the Noho Move chairs stackable?

The chairs are not designed to be stacked fully assembled,  but the legs are easily removed using our disassembly tool.  2 chairs resting on each other are 28 inches high x 30 inches wide x 20 inches deep. 3 chairs resting on each other are 33 inches

Can I use the Noho Move chair outside?

The Noho Move chair has been designed to be used primarily indoors. It is not recommended for prolonged outdoor exposure.

What is the noho move chair made from?

We’ve chosen to use predominantly (75%) ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon made from waste materials to create the noho move chair. ECONYL®  is made from the recycling and purification process of post-consumer plastic waste like reclaimed fishing nets, and

What are the dimensions of the package the Noho Toppers are shipped in?

What are the dimensions of the package the Noho Move Chair is shipped in if I purchase two chairs?

How is the Noho Move Chair specifically designed to nurture the body?

The combination of noho move’s patented auxetic patterned seat (a fancy term that really just means it flexes in all directions at once making it compliant to any physique), and its ‘fluid movement’ (enabling noho move to rock gently forwards and

Is the Noho Move Chair safety certified?

The Noho Move Chair has been tested and certified to meet the rigorous BIFMA standard for commercial seating.

What are the dimensions of the Noho Move chair?

Chair Height: 33.5”  Chair Width: 19.7”  Seat Height: 18.9” Seat Depth: 16.9”  Chair Weight: 12.1 lbs

What are the dimensions of the package the Noho Move Chair is shipped in?

Does the Noho Move Chair adjust up or down to accommodate the person's height?

The Noho Move Chair is not adjustable for height. It is fixed at a standard height of 18.9

Does the Noho Move Chair have weight restrictions?

Noho Move Chairs have passed the BIFMA commercial seating standards testing. The 95th percentile male weight of 125 kg (275 pounds), as indicated by the USA National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES) 2007-2010 Study, is used in the development of